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Getting Started

Once you have a Simply Comments account, you can setup your comment bank and start sending comments from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. To make life a little easier, read these tips:

  1. Create your Comment Bank
  2. Download and Configure the Connector Application
  3. Log into Simply Comments from your smart phone, tablet, or computer and start sending comments

Creating your Comment Bank

Quick Tip: Always write your comments using the MALE tense. This is the only way to do translations in English. Use the name Casper or <name> as a place holder for name replacements. (Example: Casper does his homework when he has time)

A comment will have 4 categories used for filtering: Reporting Period, Grade, Subject, and Strand. You can use these 4 filter categories any way you want. Below is an example of a filter structure you could use:

Reporting Period:

Term 1 - Progress Reports

Grade:Grade 4
Strand:Number Sense
Reporting Period:Term 1 - Progress Reports
Grade:Grade 4

Your filter structure will appear as:

 Term 1 - Progress Reports
 Grade 4
 Number Sense

Download and Configure the Connector Application

Quick Tip: Install the Connector Application on your PC or Mac that has your report card application on it. The Connector Application requires the Java Runtime Environment in order to run.

Follow the instructions below to install the Connector Application:

  1. Download the Application
  2. Run the downloaded application. If the application fails to run, download the Java Runtime Environment.
  3. Once the application is running, it will show up in your system tray.
  4. A configuration window should appear automatically after installing the application. If not, double click on the Connector icon or right click and select Configuration
  5. Enter your Device ID (You can find your Device ID by logging into Simply Comments and going to the Settings -> Connector Settings tab) and click Save.

 Running on Mac OS: 
 Running on Windows: 

Sending Comments

Quick Tip: If you are sending comments directly from the computer which has the report card system running, un-check the Paste Comments option in the Settings -> Connector Settings section.

Now that the Connector Application is running and you are logged in from your phone, tablet, or directly on your computer, you are ready to start sending comments. You can use the navigation menu to filter the list of visible comments to help you find the comments you are looking for quicker. Once you have found the comment you want, select Male or Female from the slider at the bottom of the page and enter the student's name. This will allow Simply Comments to translate the comment from Male to Female when required. Please note that if you are sending the comments from the computer which is also running the report card system, you should un-check the Paste Comments option in the Settings -> Connector Settings section.

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 How to install the Java Runtime Environment
 How to configure the Connector Application
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 How to add new comments
 How to share your comments
 How to import comments
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 How to extend your subscription
 How to reset your password
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